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Role of an Elder Law Attorney

This edition of the Koldin Law Center E-Newsletter begins a series about the role of an Elder Law Attorney.

All prior newsletters are saved on our website. You can read them by clicking here.

When you go to the doctor, you will either see a primary care physician or you will see a specialist. The primary care physician handles general medical conditions and the specialist focuses on a specific area of treatment.

The practice of law is similar. Some attorneys have a general practice to handle a variety of client needs. Some attorneys focus their practice in a specific field.

The Koldin Law Center, P.C., limits its practice to the specific field of Elder Law. We have a “primary” estate planning practice component as well as a “focused” Medicaid law component.

At the Koldin Law Center, some of our clients meet with us to discuss their general estate planning needs, such as a Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy.

Some of our clients also wish to discuss more complex estate planning objectives such as an Irrevocable Trust to avoid/minimize probate along with protecting assets in the event long term care is needed.

Some of our clients come to our office because of a long term care illness and need an attorney who has strong knowledge in the field of Medicaid law to protect their life savings and to handle applying for Medicaid.

Elder Law attorneys also act as a referral source for clients to obtain help for their specific needs. At the Koldin Law Center, P.C., we often refer our clients to various professionals such as an Accountant, Financial Planner, Real Estate Attorney, Tax Attorney, and Insurance Agent.

We also refer clients to charitable organizations such as the Central New York Community Foundation

We also refer clients to various agencies and health care professionals for advice and assistance. Some examples are:

Advocates, Inc
Aurora of Central New York
Catholic Charities of Onondaga County
Onondaga County Office for Aging
Rescue Mission
Syracuse Jewish Family Services

The next newsletter in this series will continue the discussion of the role of an Elder Law Attorney.

To learn more about Medicaid Planning on the Koldin Law Center website, please click here.

At the Koldin Law Center, P.C., located in East Syracuse, New York, we have over 50 years of experience helping individuals plan for immediate crisis and long term care. Our attorneys are available to discuss your estate planning options, including the advantages and disadvantages of Revocable Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts, along with other estate planning considerations including a Will, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy.

When the Koldin Law Center, P.C. handles a Medicaid case, we not only handle the entire application process, but we also review asset protection options with our clients. We review with our clients who are already in a Nursing Home options to protect some or all of their assets beyond merely establishing Medicaid eligibility.

We do not charge a fee for the initial consultation. We welcome your children, family attorney, accountant, and/or financial planner to be present at the initial consultation.

There is something you can do.

Our Attorneys are available to speak to your organization

Our Attorneys speak to groups throughout New York State as a public service. If you would like to arrange for one of our Attorneys to speak to your group, please contact our office.

We appreciate your referral

We have been told by many clients who are in a crisis that they wish they had known about our firm much sooner. We are proud of the many families we have helped in times of crisis.
We are also proud of the many families we helped avoid financial crisis by doing estate planning in advance.
We all share the responsibility for making our family and friends aware of the planning options available to them.
Your referral to the Koldin Law Center could make a major difference in the lives of your family and friends if they are someday faced with a long term illness.
Remember that the Koldin Law Center offers many services for clients of all ages. Our services range from basic estate planning such as a simple will to complex estate planning including asset preservation planning.


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