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Addressing Your Estate Planning Needs

As we get older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain control over the decisions in our lives. At Koldin Law Center, P.C., we make sure you maintain control over your life by helping you draft an estate plan that makes sense for your situation. Whether you want a simple estate plan or have something more complex in mind, our skilled lawyers are available to answer any questions and draft any necessary legal documents.

Establishing A Basic Estate Plan

If a basic estate plan is all you need, our law firm can help by establishing:

Don’t Leave Your Estate To Chance

Though it is possible to draft an estate plan on your own, drafting one with the help of a qualified estate planning attorney is a better option. In our more than 50 years of legal experience, we’ve seen mistakes in a will cause intended beneficiaries to lose their inheritance. In other cases, we’ve seen family members contest the decisions outlined in an estate plan, forcing it into probate where a judge had to decide on the issues.

Not having a will has its own consequences, though. An estate that passes into intestate succession is distributed in accordance with New York law, not the decedent’s wishes. We understand the stress this can cause families, which is why we advise clients during their free initial consultation to consider how important it is to have a Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy.

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At Koldin Law Center, P.C., we always say it’s never too late to make plans for your future. If you’re interested in drafting a basic estate plan or simply have questions, contact our law firm by calling our East Syracuse office at 315-314-3205 . We are responsive to calls and emails, and our initial consultations are always free and without obligation.

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