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Your Last Will And Testament

A will, also referred to as a Last Will and Testament, is a legal document that expresses your wishes about how you’d like your estate distributed after you die. Without a will, your family will face uncertainty about inheritances or even the threat of litigation later on.

At Koldin Law Center, P.C., we know how important a well-drafted will is to family members after a loved one has passed away. To ensure a smooth transition into administration of a will, we fully explain what a will involves, including:

  • Specific property and assets
  • How to name a beneficiary of an inheritance
  • How to name an executor of a will
  • How to name guardians of minor children
  • How to pay off remaining debts and estate taxes
  • What will be done with the decedent’s remains

All of our attorneys at Koldin Law Center, P.C., are well-respected in the community for their thoroughness and commitment to drafting meaningful estate plans. We pride ourselves on being able to help families throughout central and western New York from beginning to end.

Different Wills To Meet Your Needs

At our law firm, we understand that estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all process, which is why we offer help drafting different types of wills that meet each client’s needs. Because of our more than 50 years of experience, you can rest assured that it will be done right and nothing will be left to chance.

A Will Protects Your Wishes, Not Your Assets

Though a will does account for your end-of-life wishes, it cannot protect your life savings from being lost because of catastrophic illness or disability. Only through proper estate planning, such as the use of trusts, can an individual hope to protect his or her wishes as well as his or her estate in the event the worst should happen.

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If you need assistance drafting a will or any other part of an estate plan, our lawyers are here to help. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us online or call our East Syracuse office at 315-314-3205 .

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